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About the photographer

Clive Boursnell

Clive Boursnell has worked in photography for newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Country Life, Country Living and BBC Wildlife and organisations such as the National Trust, English Heritage, The Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Opera House Covent Garden.

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This is a permanent memorial to a way of London life that may have vanished but that will never be forgotten. In the London imagination Covent Garden will survive for ever.”
(Peter Ackroyd, from the introduction to the book)

The Book

COVENT GARDEN is Clive Boursnell's unique photographic record of the Covent Garden fruit, vegetable and flower markets between 1968 and 1974.  Hidden away from public view for over 35 years, Boursnell's photographs include many portraits of the people working and using the markets; the flowers, fruit and vegetables; the streets and architecture of the Covent Garden area and its distinctive character, before the markets moved to Nine Elms. Shot entirely on Hasselblad cameras, these photographs are both a revelation and a celebration of an important moment in London's history and heritage. Many of the 300 images in the book will also resonate today with our renewed interest in food and its provision.  In addition this is the first time the colour photographs have ever been published. The book includes an introduction by Peter Ackroyd, a preface by Clive Boursnell and the words of some of the market people whom the photographer interviewed at the time.

To buy a copy of the book, please click here.